We are a small yet resourceful technical consulting and support services company that has served the needs of local Michigan businesses and individuals for many years.

With a small staff of dedicated individuals, we offer our clients a friendly, professional touch while utilizing our technical expertise. In doing so, our clients enjoy a personal relationship with us built on trust and respect.

We believe in comitting ourselves to our clients to ensure the highest value and quality of service possible. We hope you will consider us for any hardware, software, or other technical need you may have.

Learn more about us below, and when you are ready--start exploring our services. Remember that we are here to answer your questions so feel free to contact us, and start experiencing the StratCom difference today.

Our Mission
Strategic Computer Solutions aims to provide our clients with a "one-stop" vendor to handle the integration of computer and communications technology into a productive business environment. As such, SCS works with clients on an on-going basis to ensure technology is being properly implemented. Unlike competitors who seem to disappear once a sale is made, SCS recognizes that this is the beginning of our commitment. SCS will guide its clients through system specification, design, procurement, installation, software development, training, maintenance and support. The full 10 yards.

Business Model
Our loyalty rests with you, our clients, and we function as your MIS/IT department.

Our Skills
SCS provides computer solutions to assist companies in managing their hardware and data requirements. Systems range from laptops to the finest symmetrical multi-processor computers, and run DOS, Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003, Exchange Server, Small Business Server and Unix. In addition, SCS develops fully customized turnkey systems that are tailor-made to satisfy the requirements of particular clients. Our skills range broadly from Informix, Access and Delphi, to HTML and Object Perl.

Our Clients
Satisfied clients include Michigan's largest hospital (which ran our "Patient Tracker" software in their emergency room for 10 years, replacing it with a system that cost 100 times more than ours), the USDA, the United Auto Workers International union, police unions, law offices, dental offices, plastic surgeons, medical offices, universities, research labs, property management firms, a marina, machine shops and factories. In 1994 we were chosen to implement a Federal project weighing the benefits of case management in health care.

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